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The "And I love you" sandwich

Zander Townend

June 26th, 2019

My "triple header" video 

I made three videos and combined them into this single video, as they're all on the same subject. Each one is about a minute long, so altogether they come in at just over 3 minutes total. I shot them with my cell phone, so yes, there's some camera shake - and probably a few other technical "glitches"... but the technical excellence wasn't what I was "going for" here. I wanted to produce something useful.

They were done over a three day span, so I had some reflection time between them.

The lesson for me...


After I did these, I posted them to both Facebook and Instagram. Bill, one of my friends on Facebook, commented with these four words after the 3rd one: "Ego separates. Love unites." 

The term "Ego" has always kind of baffled me, as a word that is thrown around as if people understand what they're talking about. It's often seemed like they're talking about very different things - where ego has been used as a way of diminishing or putting someone down.

I'd also been taught that we all need a healthy ego to survive, and that was equated with a healthy sense of self esteem... fair enough, I thought. But when Bill shared those four words, I thought that was the most useful distinction I've ever heard about ego - as it gave me a way to personally engage with using an awareness of when I'm acting from a sense of ego - or from what I see as a larger, dare I say "better" part of me.

What do you think?

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