Breaking Free
of "I Am Addiction"

July 15th, 2019
Zander Townend

At the top of this post is a downloadable poem that was sent to me in 1987. At that point, I was the editor of a recovery newsletter, and this was an anonymous contribution. It also quickly became a favorite, as it gives me tools for recognizing wheand how I'm subject to the influence of addiction (or for those who haven't yet made the equation: alcoholism is also addiction).  ... read more 

The "And I love you" sandwich

June 26th, 2019
Zander Townend

My "triple header" video... 

I made three videos and combined them into this single video, as they're all on the same subject. Each one is about a minute long, so altogether they come in at just over 3 minutes total. I shot them...         ... (read more)

Why is it so hard?

June 25th, 2019

Zander Townend

Even when...

Even when you HAVE accepted that you have a problem with alcohol or drugs - it's hard. 
Even when you HAVE accepted that you have a problem with people, places and things - it's hard. 

It takes time
We all come in with deeply ingrained emotional and thinking habits of negativity, self criticism and self hate, and of  ... (read more)


June 10th, 2019 
Zander Townend

Even though life is challenging, 
I practice gratitude

Yes, I can easily "make the argument" that my life has some big emotional challenges. I can focus on those challenges - and in focusing on them, amplify them and make them more intimidating. That's almost effortless, because those troubles are quick to present themselves to me every morning.         ... (read more)

I got it...

May 2019
Zander Townend

I was about 8 months into my recovery journey, and I realized that I didn't feel compelled to use drugs or to drink. 

I didn't feel an ever-present compulsion to do the same-old, familiar, visible actions of self-destruction and misery creation.  I didn't need to do the same old actions that used to show and prove addiction was alive and flourishing in my life.

I also realized that there was a lot more work to do.         
... (read more)

Recovery, and Relapse, and Recovery

April 2019
Zander Townend

"I had a flood of relief when I realized you were only in relapse!"

"What do you mean 'I'm in relapse!?!?!' I haven't used anything!" my shocked client said.

"Well - exactly!" I replied - "That's great!"
... (read more)

A Remedy for Introversion Sickness

November 2018

On a cold November morning...

... while still dressed in my pajamas, I went outside to grab something from my car. There was a woman walking by, and an ever so slight amount of snow was starting to fall.

I called out “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”
(read more)

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