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Do you want to FINALLY STOP using?

Do you want to protect yourself against the high costs of relapse?

Do you want to improve your Recovery Success? 

Are you looking for someone who can REALLY help?

My purpose:
I help addicts (of any description), alcoholics, and their families come out of the suffering of addiction, and clear the confusions that lead to relapse and returning to using. 

- Smoking, Gambling, Gaming, Drugs, Alcohol 

- Grief and loss

- Frustration and anger

- Feelings of worthlessness
- Emotional overwhelm

- Imposter Syndrome

- Toxic Relationships 

- Anxiety and / or Hopelessness

- Low self-confidence

- Depression and Despair

If any of the above apply,


Zander Townend, 

Certified Professional Recovery Coach;

Master of Medical Qigong;


Certified Conversational

IntelligenceĀ® Coach;

In recovery since June 10, 1984

Is Recovery Coaching
Right for You?

If you have been or you are:

  • Struggling with getting sober, or clean, or "making the program work"
  • An entrepreneur, executive, or leader who doesn't resonate with or have the time or inclination to attend 12 Step meetings
  • A family member who is caught in the heartbreak and confusion of loving someone with an addiction, and don't know what to do to help your loved one, or yourself
  • Struggling with your cycle of relapse, despite having tried to stop using or you've attended a treatment program (one or more times)
  • Wanting to break free from addiction (in any form), and live a truly vibrant, vital, and healthier life

... Then I'm here to help.

* I'm Canadian, so you'll notice I spell words like "counsellor" the Canadian way

Too often, we felt and thought that we've had to

do it all alone - that it wasn't safe or possible for us to

ask for, or receive, the kind of help we really needed. 

We lived inside loneliness,

hopelessness and despair...

Now, it's time to get the help we need.

We won't know if there's a good "fit" for us to work together until we've had a good chat... 

I work with family members of addicts and alcoholics, as well as people struggling with coming out of addiction, or who are already in recovery and who want to improve the quality of that recovery. 

Depending on your needs and goals,

I may be able to help you... so please:

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